Tuesday, February 7, 2012

                                    Its been a wile, you may want to scroll down a bit to see my first two blogs about Trisha.     After getting it close enough I started to paint. This is more my style than a pure "classical style".  at this point I started with colour in the sort of correct places, thick on the painting because...
            where I differ a bit is I mix on the painting itself and end up thin or "scumbled". At this point you can see uneven drying in the black, and still more refining to do, note: at the end of this day the dark marks around the lips, chin, above the ear ,etc. This is where I saw I drifted and "pushed"some corrections.
              Not the best photo but I think its done, though I have yet to varnish it. It will "pop" then. It is a "study" so im not too concerned about much more than how it feels. although I am pleased about the hair colour. the ear ring and necklaces were done using "french curves" , up close there bits of light and dark only because I was painting Trisha not her jewellery....

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  1. It was good to see your Trisha portrait up on the blog, it gives interest to the work
    and how you achieved it. It's an elegant classical painting and I love the jewelry
    done so well.